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This template is automatically included at the top of stored books, and automatically categorizes pages in Category:Wikiversity books (community books), Category:Wikiversity books (user books) and Category:Wikiversity books (incorrectly categorized books), as appropriate.

Optional input[编辑源代码]

Input What it does
|cover-image= Select the default cover image for the book. Just give the file name (for example, |cover-image=Enrico Fermi 1943-49.jpg).
|cover-color= Select the default cover color for the book. Default color is "CornflowerBlue".
|text-color= Select the default cover text color for the book. Default color is black.
|title= The title of the book.
|subtitle= The subtitle of the book (optional).
|description= A description of the scope of the book.
|sort_as= The default sort key for the book.
|editor= For user books only. Specifies the editor of the book. By default this is the username.
|wildbot= Used by WildBot when problems are found. See {{w:User:WildBot/b01}} and BRFA: WildBot 5 for details.