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{{Cite arXiv}}arXiv預印本
{{Cite AV media}}影音媒體
{{Cite AV media notes}}影音媒體內頁說明
{{Cite bioRxiv}}bioRxiv預印本
{{Cite book}}書籍
{{Cite citeseerx}}CiteSeerX論文
{{Cite conference}}會議論文
{{Cite encyclopedia}}引用百科全書的資料
{{Cite episode}}廣播和電視節目
{{Cite interview}}訪談
{{Cite journal}}學術期刊
{{Cite magazine}}雜誌和期刊
{{Cite mailing list}}公共郵件列表
{{Cite map}}地圖
{{Cite news}}新聞報導
{{Cite newsgroup}}線上新聞群組
{{Cite podcast}}播客
{{Cite press release}}新聞稿
{{Cite report}}報告
{{Cite serial}}廣播和電視節目系列
{{Cite sign}}標誌、匾額、銘牌或徽章
{{Cite speech}}演講
{{Cite ssrn}}SSRN論文
{{Cite techreport}}技術報告
{{Cite thesis}}學位論文
{{Cite web}}上述模板未包含的其他網路資料

This 引文格式1 template is used to create citations for liner notes from albums, DVDs, CDs and similar audio-visual media. When citing the contents of the media, use {{Cite AV media}}.



{{Cite AV media notes |title= |artist= |year= |notestitle= |url= |accessdate= |first= |last= |authorlink= |first2= |last2= |authorlink2= |page= |pages= |type= |publisher= |id= |location= |ref=}}

Template:Citation Style documentation/usage vertical

{{Cite AV media notes
| title       =
| artist      =
| bandname    =
| year        =
| notestitle  =
| url         =
| first       =
| last        =
| authorlink  =
| first2      =
| last2       =
| authorlink2 =
| page        =
| pages       =
| at          =
| format      =
| publisher   =
| id          =
| location    =
| ref         =

Template:Citation Style documentation/usage vertical mid


Template:Citation Style documentation/usage vertical mid


Template:Citation Style documentation/usage vertical end



  • {{Cite AV media notes |title=[[Album|Album Title]] |artist=[[Artist]] |year=Year |notestitle=Notes Title |url=http://www.wikipedia.org |first=First |last=Last |page=1 |type=Format |publisher=Publisher |id=Publisher ID |location=Location}}
Last, First. [[Album|Album Title]] (Format). Location: Publisher: 1. Year. Publisher ID.  已忽略未知参数|artist=(建议使用|others=) (帮助); 已忽略未知参数|notestitle= (帮助); 网址-维基内链冲突 (帮助)
  • {{Cite AV media notes |title=[[Album|Album Title]] |artist=Artist |year=Year |notestitle=Notes Title |url=http://www.wikipedia.org |first=First |last=Last |page=1 |format=Format |publisher=Publisher |publisherid=Publisher ID |location=Location}}
Last, First. [[Album|Album Title]] (Format). Location: Publisher: 1. Year.  已忽略未知参数|publisherid= (帮助); 已忽略未知参数|artist=(建议使用|others=) (帮助); 已忽略未知参数|notestitle= (帮助); 网址-维基内链冲突 (帮助)


  • {{Cite AV media notes |title=[[New Moon (Elliott Smith album)|New Moon]] |artist=[[Elliott Smith]] |year=2007 |first=John |last=Doe |page=4 |type=booklet |publisher=[[Kill Rock Stars]] |id=KRS455 |location=Olympia, Washington}}
New Moon (booklet). Olympia, Washington: Kill Rock Stars: 4. 2007. KRS455.  已忽略未知参数|artist=(建议使用|others=) (帮助)

With author

  • {{Cite AV media notes |title=[[Anthology 1]] |artist=[[The Beatles]] |year=1994 |first=Mark |last=Lewisohn |authorlink=Mark Lewisohn |page=2 |type=booklet |publisher=[[Apple Records]] |id=34448 |location=London}}
Lewisohn, Mark. Anthology 1 (booklet). London: Apple Records: 2. 1994. 34448.  已忽略未知参数|artist=(建议使用|others=) (帮助)

With notestitle

  • {{Cite AV media notes |title=[[Anthology 1]] |artist=[[The Beatles]] |year=1994 |notestitle=Making Anthology 1 |url=http://www.wikipedia.org |first=Mark |last=Lewisohn |authorlink=Mark Lewisohn |page=2 |type=booklet |publisher=[[Apple Records]] |id=34448 |location=London}}
Lewisohn, Mark. [[Anthology 1]] (booklet). London: Apple Records: 2. 1994. 34448.  已忽略未知参数|artist=(建议使用|others=) (帮助); 已忽略未知参数|notestitle= (帮助); 网址-维基内链冲突 (帮助)

With coauthor

  • {{Cite AV media notes |title=[[Anthology 1]] |artist=[[The Beatles]] |year=1994 |first=Mark |last=Lewisohn |authorlink=Mark Lewisohn |last2=Martin |first2=George |authorlink2=George Martin |page=2 |type=booklet |publisher=[[Apple Records]] |id=34448 |location=London}}
Lewisohn, Mark; Martin, George. Anthology 1 (booklet). London: Apple Records: 2. 1994. 34448.  已忽略未知参数|artist=(建议使用|others=) (帮助)




  • 母参数
  • 或者:母参数2—可以代替母参数使用
    • 子参数 —可以与母参数一同使用(若母参数填写,此参数将被忽略)
    • 或者:子参数2—可以代替子参数使用(若母参数2填写,此参数将被忽略)
在列出别名(aliases)的地方,只能定义一个参数;如果定义了多个别名参数(aliased parameters),那么只有一个会被显示。


  • use |date=27 September 2007 not |date=27 September 2007 (print version 25 September)

Use of templates within the citation template is discouraged because many of these templates will add extraneous HTML or CSS that will be included raw in the metadata. Also, HTML entities, for example  , –, etc, should not be used in parameters that contribute to the metadata. Do not include Wiki markup '' (italic font) or ''' (bold font) because these markup characters will contaminate the metadata.

COinS metadata is created for these parameters[编辑源代码]

Note: This table of metadata is displayed for all Citation Style 1 templates. Not all of these parameters are supported by every CS1 template. Some of these parameters are mutually exclusive, some are aliases of another parameter, and some require other parameters to be present. Please refer to each template's documentation for a full list of supported parameters, their aliases, and their dependencies.

  • |periodical=, |journal=, |newspaper=, |magazine=, |work=, |website=, |encyclopedia=, |encyclopaedia=, |dictionary=
  • |chapter=, |contribution=, |entry=, |article=, |section=
  • |title=
  • |publication-place=, |publicationplace=, |place=, |location=
  • |date=, |year=, |publication-date=, |publicationdate=
  • |series=, |version=
  • |volume=, |issue=, |number=
  • |page=, |pages=, |at=
  • |edition=
  • |publisher=, |distributor=, |institution=
  • |url=, |chapter-url=, |chapterurl=, |contribution-url=, |contributionurl=, |section-url=, |sectionurl=
  • |author#=, |author-last#=, |author#-last=, |last#=, |surname#=
  • |author-first#=, |author#-first=, |first#=, |given#=
  • any of the named identifiers: |isbn=, |issn=, |doi=, |pmc=, etc.

Template:Citation Style documentation/sep period


These parameters are deprecated and will no longer work. Use will place the page in Category:含有过时参数的引用的页面.



  • last: Surname of author. Do not wikilink—use authorlink instead. Where the surname is usually written first—as in Chinese—or for corporate authors, simply use last to include the same format as the source. Aliases: last, author, authors, last1, author1
    • first: Given or first names of author, including title(s); for example: Firstname Middlename or Firstname M. or Dr. Firstname M., Sr. Do not wikilink—use authorlink instead. Aliases: first, first1.
    • OR: for multiple authors, use last1, first1 through last9, first9 for up to nine authors. By default, if nine authors are defined, then only eight will show and "et al." will show in place of the last author. Aliases: last1, author1 through last9, author9.
  • authorlink: Title of existing Wikipedia article about the author—not the author's website; do not wikilink. Aliases: authorlink, authorlink1, author-link, author1-link.
  • OR: for multiple authors, use authorlink1 through authorlink9. Aliases: authorlink1, author1-link through authorlink9, author9-link.
  • coauthors: (deprecated) Names of of coauthors. Use the same format as the authors.
When using Template:Sfnote or Template:Paren styles with templates, do not use multiple names in one field else the anchor will not match the inline link.

Template:Citation Style documentation/album artist


  • title: Title of source. Can be wikilinked to an existing Wikipedia article or url may be used to add an external link, but not both. Displays in italics.
    • trans_title: English translation of the title if the source cited is in a foreign language. Displays in square brackets after title; if url is defined, then trans_title is included in the link. Use of the language parameter is recommended.
Titles containing certain characters will display and link incorrectly unless those characters are encoded.
newline [ ] |
space [ ] |
  • albumlink (deprecated): The name of the Wikipedia article about the album, if one exists; do not wikilink.

Template:Citation Style documentation/notestitle Template:Citation Style documentation/type

Aliases: type, format
  • language: The language the source is written in, if not English. Displays in parentheses with "in" before the language name. Use the full language name; do not use icons or templates.


  • date: Full date of source being referenced in the same format as other publication dates in the citations.[1] Do not wikilink. Displays after the authors and enclosed in parentheses. If there is no author, then displays after publisher.
  • OR: year: Year of source being referenced.
    • month: Name of the month of publication. If you also have the day, use date instead; do not wikilink.
    • origyear: Original publication year; displays after the date or year. For clarity, please supply specifics; example: |origyear=First published 1859 or |origyear=Composed 1904.
  1. Publication dates in article references should all have the same format. See MOS:DATEUNIFY.


Template:Citation Style documentation/publisher

Edition, series, volume[编辑源代码]

Template:Citation Style documentation/edition Template:Citation Style documentation/series Template:Citation Style documentation/volume

In-source locations[编辑源代码]

Template:Citation Style documentation/pages


Template:Citation Style documentation/url


Template:Citation Style documentation/ref


Template:Citation Style documentation/id1

Alises: id, publisherid

Template:Citation Style documentation/id2


Template:Citation Style documentation/quote


Template:Citation Style documentation/editor


Template:Citation Style documentation/lay

Display options[编辑源代码]

Template:Citation Style documentation/display

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