This template produces a hatnote:

Its purpose is to reduce confusion by helping users get to their intended page if they were redirected to another page while, for example, searching for a topic. An example would be when a user searches for Achilleus (as in the emperor), but ends up on the page titled Achilles (as in the mythical hero) after being redirected. A |text= option adds text to the end; note that this should be only used when truly necessary, and the other hatnote templates listed below don't suffice.


{{Redirect|Achilleus|the Emperor with this name|Achilleus (emperor)|other uses|Achilles (disambiguation)}}



參數 描述 類型 狀態
Redirecting page 1 Name of page that redirects here 頁面 必填
Use1 2 Displayed as: For Use1, see ... If left empty, defaults to For other uses, see ... 頁面 選填
Target1 3 Page to link to. Default is PAGENAME (disambiguation). 頁面 選填
Use2 4 Second use. Can be 'and' to give: For Use1, see Target1 and Target2 字串 選填
Target2 5 Page to link second use to. 頁面 選填
Use3 6 Third use, can be 'and' 字串 選填
Target3 7 Page to link third use to. 頁面 選填
Custom text text Text to be appended to the end. 字串 選填




Template:Commons-inline at Wikimedia Commons.