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1. talk back loudly大声地顶嘴   shout back angrily生气地喊道  call back 回电话  think back 回想

get sth back 取回  bring back带回   give back = return 归还

2.    keep … away from…避免接近/远离         keep away from fire 远离火

keep out…阻挡…不让进入 Keep out the cold 阻挡寒冷   keep off the grass远离草坪 

keep off mobile phones关闭手机     

3.    keep sb/sth from….使…免受…的伤害  

Keep/stop/prevent ….from doing sth.阻止某人做某事

4.    挡了…的路/妨碍    get in the way of…

5.    允许某人…做…   allow sb to do sth = sb be allowed to do sth  allow doing sth.允许做某事

6. 安全: safe(形)  safely (副)  safety(名)   food safety食品安全

7.    选择自己的衣服  choose one's own clothes  自己做决定   make one's own decision  

决定做某事:decide to do sth. =  make a decision to do sth.  =  make up one's mind to do sth.

8.    run through the field田间奔跑   in the field 在田地里 

9.    不应该允许做  should allow sb (not) to do

10.  十六岁的孩子们    sixteen-year olds    a 16-year-old boy一个16岁的孩子

11.  兼职工作   a part-time job    a full-time job一份全职工作

12.  扎耳眼 get one's ears pieced    have hair cut理发  get sth done使某事被做

13.  足够认真 be serious enough      be serious about … = take … seriously认真对待某事

14.  bad/ill/badly – worse – worst     careless driving粗心驾驶

15.  需要时间(去)做…  need time to do sth.      和朋友度过时   spend time with friends

16.  停止做…   stop doing sth (同一件事)     stop to do sth.(另一件事)

17.  对…感到兴奋      be excited about sth     be excited to do sth.做某事很兴奋

18.  拍照 take photos with sb (和某人)  take photos of sb.(拍某人)

19.  使用闪光板灯   use a flash   小婴儿    a tiny baby

20.   后悔:regret(动)   regretting现在分词   regretted过去式/过去分词

后悔做某事:① regret to do sth. (未做)②regret doing sth. (做过的事)③regret that从句

21.  整夜 all night    all day整天    all the year整年   all the week整周

22.  带在我身边  stay by my side    温暖怀抱里入眠  warm arms to sleep in

23.  教育:educate (动)  educate sb to do sth.教育某人做某事

     educator (名)教育者  education (名)教育  get further education 进修 

educational(形)有教育意义的  well-educated有教养的

24.  make sure确保 make sure of sth 对…确保    be sure确信 be sure of sth对…确信  

make sure that…确保…

25.  lift up举起    take the lift 乘电梯  give sb a lift/ride 让某人搭便车   get a ride搭车

26.  咳嗽得厉害     cough badly/cough a lot      sneeze咳嗽 

27.  in the community在社区     afford买得起(常与can/could用)

28.  设法完成:manage(动)   manage to do sth. 设法做某事(完成)  

try to do sth.尽力做某事(是否完成不确定)   

manager:经理   management:管理(名)   

manage one's life驾驭自己的生活

29.  噩梦  awful dream      a driver's license驾照

30.  peom诗   teen = teenager 青少年

31.  in the society在这个社会里    social:社会的(形)    social work 社会工作

32.  think back to those times回想起这些时光    think about oneself为自己着想

33.  be late for school 上学迟到    stay out呆在外面    stay up熬夜

34.  be full of… = be filled with充满…    be covered with…被…覆盖

35.  from a young age 从小的时候   at an early age   在早年

36.  靠…谋生live by doing sth. = make a living by doing sth.

37.  stay out past 10呆在外面超过十点     by 10 = before 10.   十点之前

38.  搬出去      move out    go to the shopping center去购物中心

39.  照顾自己 take care of/ look after/care for

40.  带:take带走   bring带来   get/fetch去取(一来一回)

41.  hug拥抱   hugging(现在分词)hugged(过去分词)give sb a hug/kiss给某人一个拥抱/吻 

42.  选择:choose(动) choose-chose-chosen  choose to do sth = make a choice to do sth.选择做某事

   have no choice but to do sth.除了做某事,别无选择   make a wise choice做一个明智的决定

43.  同意:agree  disagree(动)   agreement/disagreement (名) ① agree with sb  同意某人的观点 ② agree on sth. 在某事达成一致 ③ agree that从句

44.  担心  worry about sb/ sth   care about关心

45.  考试失败 fail the test  参加考试  take the test 通过考试  pass the test

46.  数学考试失败fail a math test  缓考take the test late早早的完成考试 finish a test early

47.  happen/ take place   ① happen 时间/地点  ②happen to sb   ③happen to do sth.  ④It happened that…碰巧...

48.  尽某人可能多as much as possible = as much as sb can    as soon as possible尽可能快

49.  on the school team 在校队    achieve one's dream 实现梦想

50.  对某人要求严格   be strict with sb  对某事要求严格be strict in sth

51.  a professional sports star 一个职业运动名星

52.  职业赛跑运动员   a professional runner

53.  长大grow up   长高grow tall   变老:grow old=get old

54.  过多的训练 train so much  = get a lot of training   a special-trained dog一只特殊训练的狗

55.  不反对做…   have nothing against doing

56.  最终 end up     公平:fair – unfair (形) fairly (副)公平地、相当地 fairness (名)公平

57.  进入:enter = come/go into….    enter university上大学=go to university

58.  支持:support sb/sth (动) Thanks for your support.=Thanks for supporting me.感谢你的支持

59.  成功:succeed:(动)  succeed in doing sth.=do sth successfully 成功做某事 success(名)  successful(形)   successfully(副) 

60.  有机会做…   have a chance to do sth = have a chance of doing sth.    by chance = by accident偶然

61.  实现梦想     achieve one's dream    achievement (名) 成就、成绩

62.  鼓励某人做…  encourage sb to do sth

63. what to do 做什么    how to do it (带宾语)  如何做这件事