人教社英语义务教育教材单词短语/八下Unit 8



1.       960 square kilometers in size 面积960平方公里   on the square在广场上

2.       深的:deep / depth深度(名)   长的:long / length长度 

宽的:wide / width宽度  高的:high / height高度 

3.       …in size/length/width/height/depth/weight大小/长度/宽度/高度/深度/重量

4.       重:weigh(动) / weight(名)put on weight 增肥/ lose weight减肥   How much do you weigh? = What's the weight of you? 你有多重?   …kilograms in weight在重量上几公斤

5.       14 years old   14岁    14 meters long/wide/deep 14米长/宽/深

6.       how deep/high/heavy/wide/long…?  多深/多高/多重/多宽/多长?

7.       in the desert在沙漠里    for dessert在甜食方面   run along横跨

What's the population of…?    人口有多少?       the population作主时,谓语跟后面变

回答方式:have/has a population of 数字 = the population is 数字

8.       a large/big population 人口多  a small population人口少

9.       亚洲:Asia / Asian   非洲:Africa / African   欧洲:Europe / European  美洲: America / American  

10.    旅行:tour  V/N  tourist:游客      去…旅行:travel to…/    take a trip to…

11.    many times很多倍/很多次    several times几倍/几次

12.    the Great Wall 长城    amazing惊奇的   attractive有吸收力的   charming有魅力的

13.    in modern times在现代    in ancient times在古代

14.    protect environment保护环境    water protection 水保护protect …from/against…保护…不受…

15.    As/So far as I know 就我所知   as you can see正如你所看到As far as I can see 依我所见

16.     be fond of… = feel like喜欢    be crazy about…对…痴迷

17.    Feel free to do sth随便做某事(口语)   get the top = reach the top到达顶部

18.    There be sb/sth doing sth.  有人在做某事  one of +adj最高级/n复数: …其中之一

19.    man-made 人造的    home-made自家做的

20.    achieve /realize the dream实现梦想  =make the dream come true    achievement成就

21.    形:southwestern西南的   northeastern东北的

22.    死于…  die of:(疾病或内因)     die from: (疾病或外因)

23.    thin瘦的、薄的 / thick厚的     thin air空气稀薄   thick clouds 厚云   thick smoke浓烟   

take in air吸入空气    risk one's life冒着生命危险

24.    include包括、包含    including 5 students = 5 students included包括5名学生

25.    结冰、凝固:freeze – froze – frozen  freezing weather 极冷的天气   

frozen food速冻食品    keep frozen保持冷藏

26.    the forces of nature 自然的力量  nature 自然  natural (形)   natural gas天燃气  

force sb to do sth迫使某人做某事

27.    condition:条件、状况the condition of my health 我的健康状况 

situation(情况、形势、局面)in a dangerous situation在一种危险境地

28.    succeed in doing sth.= do sth successfully = be successful in doing sth成功地做某事

You will achieve your success if you put your heart into it.如果你全力以赴,你就能实现你的成功。

even though = even if = though尽管  a great success 一次巨大的成功

29.    失败:fail(动)failure (名)    fail to do sth. = not pass sth做某事失败

30.    prepare …for…为…准备…    prepare for…=get/be ready for….为…而准备

31.    挑战:challenge V/N   challenge oneself 挑战自己   stand on two legs  两腿站立  

challenge sb to do sth向某人挑战做某事

32.    in the face of difficulties  面对困难

33.    show sb around…带某人参观某地   show off 炫耀   show up出现

34.    the Pacific Ocean 太平洋   the Atlantic Ocean大西洋

35.    m-meter 米  km- kilometer 公里  cm – centimeter厘米

36.    at birth在出生时   birth place 出生地   give birth to… 出生…

37.    up to… 达到….   live up to 100 years = live to be 100 years 活到100岁

38.    much bamboo很多竹叶    many kinds of bamboos很多种竹子

39.    save endangered wild animals 挽救濒危野生动物   protect wild animals保护野生动物

40.    药:medicine(名)   medical(形)医疗的   medical research医疗研究

41.    keep animals 喂养动物   animal keeper动物饲养员

42.    wake sb up 把某人叫醒    形:awake醒的 / asleep睡着的

43.    do some research on…做…的研究 do a survey about…做一项关于…的调查   

44.    every two years 每2年  every other day 每隔一天  research center研究中心

45.    be excited about…对…兴奋    in excitement兴奋地   other human activities其它人类活动

run over to the keepers with excitement兴奋地跑向饲养员

46.    walk into…撞上… fall off…= fall down from… 掉落  fall over摔倒  fall down 滑倒

47.    about 50 students = 50 students or so.大约50个学生

48.    another two days = two more days      be special to sb对某要来说特别

49.    because of his illness = because he is ill.由于他病了

50.    realize the importance of saving pandas 意识到挽救熊猫的重要性 

51.    a black and white panda一只黑白相间的熊猫

52.    stop/keep/prevent sb from doing sth.阻止某人不做某事

53.    crowd:N 群 a crowd of people一群人  crowded拥挤的  uncrowded  不拥挤的

54.    government 政府   oil 油     a symbol of …。。。的象征

55.    huge 巨大的 whale 鲸  an adult 一位成年人an adult panda一只成年熊猫

56.    teach sb about sth 教某人有关…内容     send sb to do sth.派某人去做某事

57.    It takes sb sometime to do sth. = … spend …(in) doing sth./ on sth.做某事花时间


①   more….than / less…than.  = not so/as….as…

eg: English is more important than art.

= Art is less important than English.

= Art is not so important as English.

② 用比较级表达最高级:

…比 than any other 名词单数…  = 比 than the other 名词复数

Eg : Tony studies the hardest in our class.

….. harder than any other student in our class.

…..harder than the other students in our class.

          Nobody studies harder than Tony in our class.

拓展:    …..harder than any student in Class 11

③ 倍数表达法:

A 倍数 as ….as B : The computer is three times as expensive as the phone.

A 倍数  比 than B:   The computer is twice more expensive than the phone.

A 倍数 the 计量名词of B:  The computer is three times the price of the phone.

④ 比较级的2种特殊表达

   比 and 比 

   the  比,  the 比


   One of 最高级 +名词复数: 最….的…之一

   the 序数词 + 最高级 +名词单数:第几最…的…

  eg: The Yangtze River is the first longest river in China.